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The Most Powerful Social Proof Plugin for Wordpress!
Hot Stats, WP Social Proof
Real-time sales notification

The most powerful social proof plugin for WordPress!

Boost your sales and CRO by 150%!

Let Social Proof do the selling for you!

If you are confident of your product, then start selling more today!

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WP Social Proof

Trusted by businesses and startups, WP Social Proof helps you boost your sales and CRO by an average of 150%.

  • Boost Conversions

    If your customers see that others are buying from your store, downloading your products, signing up for your services and reading your posts, they are more likely to do the same. CRO Boost!

  • Reduce cost of customer acquisition

    Social Proof can help boost the conversion rates of your sales campaign, be it AdWords, Facebook Ads or any other online or offline medium. Now your ads will be more effective == better ROI!

  • Build brand value

    Social Proof works because it a strong message about the value. It has a compound-effect on the sales as conversion rate increases exponentially. Impress with a multitude of credible stats.

Grow your online business with WP Social Proof

Display real-time recent sales notifications and activity pop-ups, live visitor count, hot stats and custom calls to actions. Let your customers do the selling for you! Social-Proof is a proven strategy to boost sales.

Recent Conversions, WP Social Proof

Recent Conversions

Display recent sales, downloads and visitor stats on your website to drive results. Works with WooCommerce and EDD out of the box.

Live Visitor Count, WP Social Proof

Live Visitors

Show live visitor-stats on your landing pages and entire site in real-time. No fake stats!

Hot Stats, WP Social Proof

Hot Stats

Share your conversion stats with Hot Stats. It allows you to show your visitor analytics milestones.

Custom Calls to Actions

Custom Calls to Actions

WP Social Proof allows you to use custom notifications to offer discounts and offers to your visitors. Power of FOMO effect!

WP Real Time Social Proof

Let social-proof do the marketing for you. Custom integrations allow you to expand the power of social-proof. Convert easier, sell more… with WP Real Time Social Proof. Boost your conversion rate like never before.

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