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WP Real-Time Social-Proof 2.0 is Out!

WP Real-Time Social-Proof 2.0 is out. And it’s a whole new world of awesomeness. Everything in version 2.0 is aimed at helping you market and sell better. Let’s cover the big ones first:

Revamped Ease-To-Configure Settings UI

More settings doesn’t always translate to better. In fact it results in something we call sabotage via settings. Too many settings can confuse end-users and also are difficult to implement, manage and support in the long term. The more the clockwork the higher are the chances of something breaking down. So we focused on what’s critical and what can absolutely be done without.

In-Line Tool-Tips

We get enquiries from lots of users on what a particular setting does. Truth be told, we haven’t could have done better in this area. The mystery behind a setting just holds you up from doing what you have to do. It kills efficiency and causes confusion. We did away with that. WP Real-Time Social-Proof 2.0. The new UI has tool-tips for every damn setting:

Real-Time Users from Google Analytics

This one took us a while. There were moments when we literally pulled out our hair. But we did get this one right (before going almost bald).

Showing Real-Time Live visitors on the page is an immensely powerful tool to impress social-proof. It almost catches visitors like a bolt of lightening. And here’s how it looks:

The Importance of the Verified Badge

Pretty sure you’ve noticed the verified by WP Social Proof badge. There’s an interesting story that happened but more about that in a minute.

Any piece of information that can be verified by an independent third-party adds immense credibility to it.

But you see the text of the verified badge? Verified by WP Social Proof. We had a heated discussion on the brand name… almost came within inches to blows. The name of the plugin is WP Real-Time Social-Proof; however the badge says WP Social Proof. We settled for the website brand and realized, shorter the better.

Settings That Deliver the Impact

Amongst a whole new arsenal of powerful settings WP Real-Time Social-Proof comes with several that maximize the impact: Here are some noteworthy ones:

Theme: Not every website uses the same theme. But we’ve built WP Real-Time Social-Proof such that it’s elegant and pleasing to the eye and in fact aids the user-experience. But then we still want you to be able to blend things a little. Thus the themes.

Position: Many users wanted a choice on where to show the social-proof popups. Now you can customize this and make it just yours.

Style: And then there’s a little more choice with styles too. Make it a little edgy with square corners or a little rounded with radial borders.

Threshold: There’s no fun in showing conversions from 3 months back. There’s no fun in showing that only 2 visitors are currently visiting your site either. So we gave you options to set your custom thresholds every type of proof you want to show. Sometimes less said the better.

Template variables: Users want to customize the language of the proof popups. It’s done with template variables now. Get your hands dirty and make it your own.

More addons on the way: WP Real-Time Social-Proof 2.0 is written from the ground-up, in a modular fashion keeping best coding practices in mind. This means there are a lot more addons that can hook up and extend the power of WP Real-Time Social-Proof.

Conversion / Goal Tracking: How about checking the ROI? Would you pay for a conversion optimization software that doesn’t work for you? We wouldn’t. And we wouldn’t want you to either. The proof of the pudding is in the eating. Now every click on social-proof popups will register into your Google Analytics account and you’ll be able to track every click, event, source, medium in your Google Analytics. You can always play around with settings and measure the impact on your conversion rates.

A Solid Upgrade System and a First Run Experience

WordPress plugins have always been a challenge to upgrade. But when you are upgrading settings that are saved as custom post types, it opens up a whole can of worms. WP Real-Time Social-Proof 2.0 comes with a prudent update notifies, a solid upgrade system and an out-of-the-box experience.

Hero Support

Times have changed. Gone are the days when you’d expect customers to pay for support. For an awesome software product we want to go a step ahead and make your life easy. If you are using WP Real-Time Social-Proof 2.0, we’d cover almost anything under the sun; whether you are using the free version or the paid version. We want to make WP Real-Time Social-Proof 2.0 better and more usable. After all what’s the fun in developing open-source software that can’t be refined and used by everyone?

Ok, let’s get down to business. Are you ready to upgrade?

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