WP Social ProofHow it works

How it works


Recent Conversions, WP Social Proof

Recent Conversions

Display recent sales, downloads and visitor stats on your website to drive conversions.

Live Visitor Count, WP Social Proof

Live Visitors

Show live visitor-stats on your landing pages and entire site in real-time.

Hot Stats, WP Social Proof

Hot Stats

Share your conversion stats with Hot Stats. It allows you to show your visitor analytics milestones.

Custom Calls to Actions

Custom Calls to Actions

WP Social Proof allows you to use custom notifications to offer discounts and offers to your visitors.

Customization Options

Settings & Controls

Custom templates, a growing library of assorted premium sound notifications, title-notifications and other settings allow you to experiment and see what works best for your site.

Seamless Integration

Seamless Integration

WP Social Proof works out of the box with Easy Digital Downloads & WooCommerce. Other integrations are released regularly.

Mobile Optimization

Mobile Optimization

WP Social Proof works beautifully on mobiles. It’s designed for minimal footprint does not affect your website speed and can be toggled independently.

Verified Sales Badge

Verified Sales Badge

Conversions are marked with the Verified Sales badge. It can be clicked to verify the sale. It’s all about credibility and trust!

Language Translation

Language & Templates

Notifications are totally customizable and you can pick from the available designs. Each design is intricately crafted for user-experience.